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Quite the title eh? Well, it sums up the new recipe I tried out this weekend. My boyfriend bought a large amount of hemp protein powder a while back, and while I’ve been eating the dark chocolate flavoured one a lot (sprinkled over plain oatmeal, or fruit and yogurt) we still have a ton of the plain kind left. So, I decided to make muffins, and in the spirit of keeping things healthy post-holiday over indulgence, I came with up a recipe that is very low in calories and fat, high in fibre and protein, tastes good and is very filling.It’s based on a recipe that I found at SparkPeople.com but modified myself.

One small warning though – these are not pretty, fluffy, sweet muffins that you make for a bake-sale or for your kids (see picture below). They are more for a healthy breakfast option or pre/post workout fix. They come out moist thanks to the apple sauce but very dense, thick, and filling. 

Ingredients (makes 20-24 mid-sized muffins):

-1 1/2 cups 1% milk

-2 cups rolled oats

-1 cup Manitoba Harvest Hemp Protein Powder

-2 cups whole wheat flour

-1/2 cup brown sugar Splenda

-300ml applesauce

-2 eggs

-2 egg whites

-1 tsp baking soda

-2 tsp baking powder

-2 tbsp cinnamon

-1/2 cup ground flaxseed


1. In  large bowl, soak the oats in the milk for 20-30 min, until most of water is absorbed. Mix in the apple sauce, eggs, protein powder and Splenda.

2. In seperate bowl, mix together dry ingredients: flour, cinnamon, baking soda, baking powder, and flaxseed.

3. Gently mix dry ingredients into wet mixture, and still until blended but do not over mix.

4. Bake muffins at 400 degrees for 20 min.

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