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This is my first negative review of a restaurant, and I feel sort of bad about giving bad publicity to any company. However, J and I were so disappointed with our dinner tonight, I felt like it’s a fair reason to write this post.

After a long day of walking around downtown in the cold, we rented some great foreign movies from Boite Noire and deciding on ordering in pizza for dinner. I have a long-standing devotion to Pizza Hut but sadly they don’t deliver to our neighbourhood, even though they insist on taunting me by sending flyers to our address every week. We also tried to order from Il Focolaio Pizza, near Square Phillips which I’ve heard many people swear makes some of the best pizza in town, but their phone number wasn’t working. Dodgy!

We ended up chosing Tomato: La boite à pizza, because we’ve walked by their terrasse on St. Denis a few times during the summer and it looked good, plus we had received their take-out menu in our mailbox.

I ordered a small Parmesan Reggiano-Anchois pizza with mushrooms, and J had the Mozzarelle fraîche-Champignons with fresh garlic. I wish I had taken pictures, because as soon as we opened our boxes we felt left-down. The crust was very thin, dry, a bit burnt, and tasted like cardboard, or like cheap toasted pita bread. The toppings were fine but not particularly abundant, with a very thin layer of cheese, and bland, averge tasting sauce. The pizzas themselves were also pretty small, and so after we finished eating we really didn’t feel satisfied. I think the main problem was the crust – it can really make or break a pizza, and this one not only broke the pizza, but our hearts. (Too cheesy?)

So needless to say, I don’t recommend this place, ever. Instead try anywhere else! My personal faves include Pizza Hut, Dominoe’s, Altos, Il Focolaio, or any cheap neighbourhood place.


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