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As I’ve gotten older, I spend less money shopping and party, and much more money eating out and drinking good wine. Not sure whether it’s really an improvement, but it certainly gives me something to write about! Montreal has a huge variety of amazing restaurants so I’m always trying new ones and returning to favorites. Some of the best deals are BYOW (Bring your own wine/Bring your own beer) where the food is slightly pricey but you get to bring your own drinks. Like any type of restaurant, these can really be hit or miss, and I’m done with the “misses” that I used to frequent a lot as a student before I knew any better.

So, moving forward, along with sharing my baking and cooking recipes, I’ll also be writing reviews of Montreal restaurants, both BYOW and their counterparts. Details reviews are to come, but in the meantime here are a few standby’s that are always a sure bet:

La Colombe – my favorite to date – 554 Avenue Duluth Est, Montreal – (514) 849-8844

Les Infideles – 771 Rue Rachel Est – (514) 528-8555

Khyber Pass – 506 Avenue Duluth Est – (514) 849-1775

L’Academie (f0r their pasta only, their entries are just average) – 4051 Rue St-Denis, Montreal – (514) 849-2249

Feel free to share your favorites, and I’ll post full reviews of the good and the bad very soon!

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